Company introduction

Zhejiang hangzhou garden special rubber limited company is founded in 2004, is located in the fuyang hangzhou economic development zone XinDeng district 8th road no. 1. The registered capital of RMB 20 million and covers an area of 70,000 square meters. Existing staff of 330 people, senior specialized technical personnel more than 20 name. As the first domestic special rubber r&d, production base. The company now has epdm reclaimed rubber production line 20 pieces have annual epdm reclaimed rubber 50,000 tons of production capacity. Zhejiang province listed in the circular economy development "991 action plan" key project contractors, and completed "zhejiang high-tech industrialization project". Is the largest a collection of research, manufacture, sales in the integration of special reclaimed rubber production enterprise.

Zhejiang hangzhou garden special rubber Co., LTD for realize collectivization and intensive management, has been adhering to the "humanist, for the soul, the scientific management, the innovative development and win-win cooperation" tenet. Long-term and Beijing chemical university, by tianjin rubber industry research institute etc university research institutes for technical cooperation and actively go manufacture-learning-research road, now has special reclaimed rubber r&d center, professional development special reclaimed rubber technology. On its own r&d "special rubber pinch refined reclamation technology" and "high quality rubber regenerated technology" are restored by petroleum and chemical industry association science and technology appraisal. Technical achievements belong to domestic origination, reaching the international advanced level.

The company value resource conservation and environmental protection. The introduction of advanced international environmental protection, recovery technology, comprehensive treatment production of waste gas, waste water and waste residue. To achieve production produced waste gas, waste heat, water and solids are valid for recycling.

Company pays attention to quality management, and through ISO9001 quality system authentication, and leaded in through the eu SGS certification. For 3 consecutive years to achieve outoffactory sampling rate of 100%. The products are wide to sell in most parts of the country, praised by users. According to authoritative department statistics, special reclaimed rubber market share has reached 50%.

"Strict quality management, reasonable price, good reputation in the market" that the company always adheres to the tenet. The zealous welcome general customers come theelectricity incoming letter discussion!

Enterprise spirit

· Responsibility

The company should not only manufacture excellent products, but also cultivate excellent talents and serve the society.
Employees should keep in mind their job responsibilities, perform their obligations with excellent performance and good attitude, and share the destiny with the enterprise

· Strengthen

If an enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger, that is to say, it should practice its internal skills well, that is, it should have excellent product quality, standardized enterprise management and broad market prospects.
Staff to be strong is to be professional and keep improving.

· Dedication

Dedication of the company: give back to employees and society.
Dedication of employees: loyalty to Hangyuan, love and dedication, and repay the company with practical actions and performance.




· Team

The competition of modern enterprises is the competition of talents, management technology and team. An enterprise without a team will not have combat effectiveness. So we should keep in mind the three conditions of a team: initiative, mutual help and shared responsibility.



Behavior culture advocated by Hangyuan


(1) Work culture
What is planned on that day must be completed on that day, not the next day;
I'll do it, I'll do it right away, I'll do it right away;
If there is a problem, first find your own reason.


(3) Culture of leaders
People who have no heart and care about personal gains and losses can not be leaders;
People who only know how to do things by themselves and can't lead the team can't be leaders;
You can't be a role model for employees, you can't be a leader.

(2) Employment Culture
The company has no relatives, migrant workers, only employees;
The capable go up, the mediocre go down, and the even give way;
People with talent and morality should use it boldly, people with morality but without talent should educate them, people with talent but without morality should control it, and people without talent and morality should never use it;

(4) Product manufacturing culture
Without qualified employees, qualified products will not be produced;
Safety is our first benefit;
If 6S production site management is not done well, it is not a standard factory;
Stable quality and continuous improvement is the goal of every employee in our production team.


Corporate mission

Based on the cause of resource reuse


Corporate vision

Building a harmonious green home


Market positioning

Special reclaimed rubber production enterprises


Address:Zhejiang fuyang XinDeng district 8th road no. 1

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