Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

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In the glorious:

1. Corporate Objectives:

Based on resource reuse, build a harmonious and green home, and make the products of Zhejiang Hangyuan Special rubber Co., Ltd. into "China famous brand".

2. Corporate spirit: responsibility, dedication, team work and strength


The company should not only manufacture excellent products, but also cultivate excellent talents and serve the society.

Employees should keep their responsibilities in mind, perform their obligations with excellent performance and good attitude, and share a common destiny with the enterprise.


Company dedication: give back to employees, give back to the community.

Employees' dedication: loyalty to Hangzhou Garden, love and dedication, with practical actions and performance to return the company.


The competition of modern enterprises is the competition of talents, management technology and team.An enterprise without a team will not have combat effectiveness.So keep in mind the three qualities of a team: initiative, mutual help, and shared responsibility.


If an enterprise wants to become bigger and stronger, it should also practice its internal skills, namely, excellent product quality, standardized enterprise management and broad market prospect.

To be strong means to be professional and keep improving.

3. Behavior culture advocated by Hangzhou Garden

(1) Working culture

What is planned for that day must be done that day, and not put off till the next day;

I will see to it, I will see to it, I will see to it;

When there is a problem, first find your own reasons.

(2) Employment culture

The company has no relatives, migrant workers, only employees;

The most capable, the mediocre, the even-handed;

Those who have talent and virtue should use them boldly, those who have talent and no virtue should educate them, those who have talent and no virtue should control their use, and those who have talent and no virtue should never use them.

Put the right people in the right place and create the conditions for them to reach their full potential.

(3) Culture of leaders

A person without a heart, a person who cares about personal gain and loss, cannot be a leader;

Only know oneself to do, can not lead the team, can not be a leader;

You can't be a leader if you don't set an example for your employees.

(4) Product manufacturing culture

Without qualified staff, there will be no qualified products;

Safety is our first benefit;

Without good 6S production site management, it is not a standard factory;

Stable quality and continuous improvement are the goals of every employee in our production team.

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