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Mr Ko Has been engaged in recycled rubber for 57 years.Senior engineer, expert staff of the department of Chemical Industry for the review of recycled adhesive excellence, drafting and formulating the standards of the previous department of recycled adhesive on behalf of the Department.

1. Pioneered the replacement of water-oil vacuum drying with spiral drying machine

2. I was responsible for preparing the process layout of 3000 tons of water-oil reclaimed rubber with annual output, as the model of 14 designated plants in China, and as the design basis of Beijing Rubber Industry Research and Design Institute;

3. Successfully trial-produced high-temperature corrosion-resistant glass fiber reinforced rubber hose, which was promoted nationwide and won the prize at the National Science and Technology Conference;

4. Compiled and published the first manual of recycled rubber production technology in China;

5. Responsible for the formulation of the scientific and technological progress plan for China's recycled rubber industry;

6. Promote dynamic desulfurization and become the leader of fine crushing technology in China;

7. Conducted technical certification for the introduction of joint venture projects from Canada, Australia, Russia and the United States for many times.

8. Initiated the development of regenerated rubber activators in China and created such activators as 420 and 333-5 by ourselves;

9. Published the research report on the formula of recycled rubber desulfurization for the first time, and publicized the research results. The production technology of recycled rubber for tires reached the world's advanced level.

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